Why can't the teacher or teaching assistant access the register to take attendance?

If a teacher can't access their registers they won't be able to take attendance! There are a few reasons why this could happen, and ways to fix this issue, outlined below.

Top Tip: Registers won’t show on the Homepage for teachers or on the Students > Homepage > Daily Attendance page, or be able to be opened until the first day students are back.


Step 1 - Check the registers exist

First, double-check that you have registers today across your school - you can do this using the instructions here.

If you're sure you've set your school-wide registers up correctly, follow the instructions below to give access to the specific teacher. 

Step 2 - Check their access to registers

Depending on their permissions and your school's settings, they may be able to access the register from different places. If they can't access the register at all, move on to the next step.

Can they access the lesson dashboard?

When logged into Arbor, can they see the lesson they’re supposed to be teaching on the left within the My Calendar section?

If they can, they just need to click this and then click the Take Register button. The calendar is the quickest way for a teacher to get to a register.



Do they have permission?

Staff can only access the attendance dashboard in Students > Attendance and take all registers if:

  • they have the Attendance: Administer permission
  • your school has enabled the option for all staff with attendance permissions to take all attendance registers.

You can see how to manage these settings here: Giving permission for other staff or teaching assistants to take attendance registers


Step 3 - Check if the lesson exists

Go to Students > Attendance, choose the correct date and am/pm session. Can you see the lesson that the teacher needs to take the register for?  If you can, move on to the next step.

If you don't see the lesson, it might be that the course hasn't been set up, or that the course has been set up but there are no lessons scheduled or the lessons have been scheduled at the wrong time. Go to School > Programmes > Courses to check that the right course exists.

  • If the course doesn't exist you can follow the instructions here to add it. 
  • If the course does exist, click into it to check the lessons scheduled. You can click in this section to add more lessons or to edit the times of lessons if needed.



Step 4 - Check the staff assigned to the lesson

If you can see that the lessons have been scheduled with the right times and effective dates, check that the staff member who needs to take the register is either the academic lead/form tutor or has been added to the individual timetabled lesson slots. If not, this means the class has been wrongly assigned to another member of staff or the class hasn’t been assigned to anyone. 

If you need to make changes to the staff assigned to lessons or the academic lead, you can follow the instructions in this article.




Step 5 - Check timetables and calendars

If you can see that the lessons have been scheduled with the right times and effective dates, check the staff member's calendar to make sure the lesson is appearing.

If there is a gap in their timetable and your school imports your timetable from TimeTabler, make sure that you have imported and scheduled the session. You can do this from School > Timetable > Timetable Slots - it's the final section here: Importing a timetable from TimeTabler



Step 6 - None of the steps above worked

If none of the steps outlined above work, we may need to perform a refresh for you.

Click Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre and select Unable to take attendance due to missing registers to submit an email to us.

Please include full details of the lesson that is not pulling through and the staff member.

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