Registers still there when school is marked as closed

Why does this happen?

If a class or registration form register is opened before a holiday or inset day is entered into the Academic Calendar retrospectively, any registers that were opened already will not be removed. Any existing marks in opened registers will not be changed when an inset day or closure is added.

Registers could have been opened because:

Any marks filled in will count towards attendance figures, the rest of the register will show as blank marks, and the register will appear on the Incomplete Registers page.

How can we prevent this?

To prevent this scenario and save time correcting these attendance marks:

  • Add inset days before the date they take place
  • Record future attendance marks through planned absences, not from the Bulk Edit Marks page

In some scenarios a retrospective school closure may be unavoidable. In such scenarios, follow the instructions below.

How do we fix this?

You will need to complete the incomplete registers as once opened, they cannot be removed.

You may wish to amend planned absence marks to a school closure code where applicable. Please note that we cannot advise you which marks to use.

You will need to use the Bulk Edit Marks page to edit the marks: Bulk editing attendance marks

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