Student names are wrong in the register

Occasionally we receive a report that student names briefly appear in registers with the wrong name, then switch back.

The main reason this happens is due to translation add-ons enabled on the user's browser, such as Google Translate. Google translate will sometimes look at a name, think it's a word in another language, and try to translate it into English.



To check if this is the cause of the issue, first check the name on the student's profile to see if the name has been changed there, or if a preferred name has been added: Finding a student profile

If the name has not been changed on their profile, find the student's actual name.



Use Google Translate in your browser and type in the student's actual name that was changed. In this example, the student's last name is Feliz. If you translate this to English and it's the same as the name that was showing in the register, you'll know that you have translation enabled in your browser.

To prevent this from occurring again, you'll need to remove this extension from running on Arbor. You'll be able to find instructions on how to do this by searching in a search engine.

If you have any concerns or we can be of any further help, please get in touch.

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