Does Intervention attendance update lesson attendance?

You may have a student that is out of a lesson because they are in an intervention session that takes place at the same time.

Intervention attendance will not update the lesson attendance as they're two separate events. For safeguarding reasons, the student can't be marked Present in a lesson they were absent and not physically in the classroom in front of the teacher for.

  • The student will be marked present in the Intervention.
  • The student will be given an N mark for the class.

Top Tip: Don't worry about statutory attendance - the best mark will be taken (present over absent).

When a student is scheduled to be in an intervention, this will display on the lesson dashboard so that teachers can tell which students will not be in their lesson



The register will also show that the student is out of the lesson but you can add a planned absence without using an attendance code to pre-fill the register and add a note with more details about the reason for the absence.



When students have been absent from the lesson but are onsite, they will still appear on the Absentees By Date page. By adding the attendance note, any staff who uses this page to follow up on absences will see that attendance notes show the student was in an intervention.


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