T-level Programmes of Study

T-levels are a post-16 alternative to A-levels and Apprenticeships. They are a special type of Programme of Study.

How to set up T-levels

T-levels are set up in a very similar way to Programmes of Study so you can follow this guidance: Programmes of Study and Core Learning Aims for Post-16

Every T Level student must choose an occupational specialism as part of their T Level programme. To record this in Arbor, you'll need to:

  • set up a separate programme for each specialism
  • add the ZTLOS QAN code as the placeholder, alongside the Subject Classification Code (SCC or Discount Code) as it isn't possible to link Non-EDI qualifications to a programme instance. To find the SCC use the Department for Education's Generic QAN Data or for more information see 16 to 18 qualifications, discount codes and point scores

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Adding students

Click +Add in the same way you would add students to Programmes of Study.

Make sure students are only enrolled in one  occupational specialism, in line with the DfE's guidance on Occupational specialism here: Complete the school census

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Record Planned Learning and EEP hours

From the student profile

Go to the Enrolment section of the student profile. Click on the fields to update the hours.

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In bulk

Go to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Bulk Update Learning & EEP Hours. Here you can see the T Level Planned Learning Hours, Planned EEP Hours and Total Hours.

Update the hours by either:

  • clicking on a field to update the hours for an individual student
  • ticking the boxes next to the students and clicking the Bulk Action button. Select either Bulk Update T Level Planned Learning Hours or Bulk Update T Level Planned EEP Hours.

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