Post-16 sixth form attendance and enrolment into registers

Attendance information is required to be submitted in the School census for students who are 5-15 years old, as categorised by the birthdates in the DfE's Census data items guidance. Because there isn't the same legal requirement to report on attendance for 6th form students, you are not required to take attendance for your Post-16 in Arbor if you don't wish to do so.

If you do wish to record post-16 attendance in Arbor, you can either: 

Top Tip: You can also change your attendance calculations to look at the 'first mark' rather than the 'best mark'. Please note that any changes to Roll Call settings will apply to your whole school: Can we use the first attendance mark recorded rather than the best mark?

Creating a 'dummy' course

If you'll be using a 'dummy' course, you'd set up an AM and PM Registration Form type class for your Post-16 Students: Set up or add a Registration Form. Make sure that:

Marking them when not due to be in

You'll need to implement a way to mark their attendance when they are not required to be in school, because Post-16 students may not attend full time.

For when students are not due in, you can either:

Free periods and study periods

You don't need to specifically define a free period on a student's timetable - you can just leave a gap in scheduling.

If you want to take attendance for these students, you can set up a course for the Study Period: Building one new course

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