Programmes of Study and Core Learning Aims for Post-16

What is a programme of study?

Programmes of study can be used by Post-16 institutions to record their year 12 and year 13 student's courses and which course is their Main Programme (also known as a Core Learning aim). 

This information is recorded and output in the Schol Census, so it's important to set up:

  • All your programmes of study
  • 1 core learning aim assigned to each student
  • No more than 1 core learning aim per student
  • Enrolment into at least one programme for the prior year (if year 13)

Please make sure you also set up your courses for the last academic year, as the Census collects programme information for this academic year and last academic year.



Setting up Programmes of Study

Go to School > School Structure > Programmes of Study and click +Add to add a new programme.

Choose the name of the Programme, an optional short name and whether the Programme is a Traineeship. Click Add Programme.



You will then be able to add programme instances. An instance is a time period within which a Programme is delivered. Click +Add to add an Instance.



You must set up an instance for each cohort of your students. For example, if your Year 12s study maths for two years, your programme instance must span a two-year period. When that year group become year 13s, you would set up another programme instance for your new year 12s.



Choose a name for the Instance, the planned dates and the Partner Ukprn. Click Add Programme Instance.



You will then see a table for enrolled students. Enrol students by clicking +Add.

Fill in all the relevant details and select whether the Programme is the Main Programme (Core Aim) for the students you are enrolling. When complete, click Enrol Students.



You can then see in the table of Enrolled students and whether the Programme is their Main Programme (Core Aim).



Editing whether a Programme is a Core Learning Aim

Important note

Please note, it is possible to select Main Programme for every programme a student is enrolled in. It is up to the school to make sure only one option is selected for college students for Census purposes.

Only vocational courses should be set as Main Programmes - boxes for A Level courses should be left unticked for all students. 


In bulk

Go to Students > Enrolments > Programmes of Study and select the Programme and then the Programme Instance.



Tick all the boxes next to the students you would like to toggle this feature for and click the blue pencil icon.



Confirm you wish to make these changes and click the green button.



Per student

Go to Students > Enrolments > Programmes of Study and select the Programme and then the Programme Instance.



Click the student you would like to toggle this feature for.



Click the orange Edit button.



Untick the box that says Main Programme then click on Save Changes.




Repeat for the rest of the students that you would like to toggle this feature for and repeat for the other relevant Programme Instances.


Completing a Programme

If your students have passed their exams and you need to put that they have completed a programme of study, you need to do this from their student profile. This is because the main Programmes area of Arbor can only be used to set the expected end date.

Navigate to the student's Student Profile and click Enrolment on the left-hand side. Scroll down to the Programmes section and click the programme they completed.



In the slide over, click the Edit button.



You can then put it the actual end date and the outcome and click Save Changes



The end date will then be placed against the programme enrolment. This will also resolve Error 2795 on your Autumn Census.


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