Adding Work Experience Placements for Post-16

Important note: You'll need the Academic Structure: Administer permission to set up new programmes and work placements. If you don't have this permission you can ask your office team to assign it to you.

Step 1 - Add the programme and programme instances

Go to School > School structure > Programmes of Study and click to add a new programme.



Enter the name of the programme as Work Placement. 



Click into the work placement to add a programme instance for each work placement.

Please leave the Partner UKPRN field blank - this field is not used for Work Experience Placements (the partner details are instead taken from the Employer Identifier details).

For the qualification details, rather than linking to an exams award, you can add in one of these codes:

  • T Level industry placement: ZWRKX003,
  • Industry Placement, Capacity and Delivery Fund (CDF): ZWRKX002,
  • 16 to 19 study programme work experience: ZWRKX001




Step 2 - Add the students

Click into a programme instance and click +Add to enrol students.



Select the students to enrol.




Step 3 - Add the employer

To add employers to your site, go to School > Linked Organisations > Employers and click the green button.



You'll need to ask the employer for their identifier or reference number or find this using the Employer Data Service here.



You can also add a new employer when linking students to a work placement (shown below). Just type in the name of the new employer to create them.



Step 4 - Add the work placement to the student

From within the Employer overview

You can add students to a work placement from within the Employers section. Just click +Add in the Student Work Placements section.



Select the student and the programme instance to add them to.



You can also see this information on a student's profile in the Education & Employment History section.



From the student profile

You can also add a new placement from the Education & Employment History section of the student profile by clicking +Add and selecting Add Work Placement.



Select the employer and the programme instance to add them to.


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