HR Admin - Checks

Manage check types

Here the school can view, add and edit the checks/qualifications currently on Arbor. 

In Manage Check Types a list of all the checks on the MIS will be listed.

1. To edit the information of a check click on one from the list.



2. A slide over will display the information of the check, click on Edit. You will note that some checks can be edited, and others cannot.





To add a check click on '+Add' at the top of the list and update the details of the check. 




'Review' loads the list of staff members linked to specific checks. The page loads on a default check, to view other checks click on the drop-down box next to Check Type at the top of the page. 



To bulk update staff members profile with a specific check, tick the staff members on the grid and click the blue pencil icon.





A check can be added to an individual staff member through two different routes: by clicking on a staff member within the grid and updating the slide over or by using the 'Checks' section within the staff profile overview.



For more information on how to add checks to an individual staff profile, click here.

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