Can we create an Annual Salary Statement or Teacher Pay report with allowances?

For individual staff

You can see (but not download) the Salary information for an individual staff member from the Contracts section of their staff profile.

  • This includes their salary.
  • For payments that can be output as 'Other' payments in your census, you can add allowances. You can see more information about allowances here: Allowances and Additional Payments



In bulk

It is not possible to output Salary Statement letters in Arbor.

Creating bespoke communication templates is usually done through the Custom Report Writer. However, you cannot report on allowances or pay factors in the Custom Report Writer. This means that you cannot create letters for staff in bulk with their full salary details.

You can only do this for basic salary details, without any additional payments.

Can we report on National Insurance contributions?

It is not possible to record or report on these in Arbor.

Can we report on Pension contributions?

Aside from recording allowances and additional payments, it is not possible to record or report on Pension contributions in Arbor.

What reporting on allowances is available?

It is not possible to report on allowances in the Customer Report Writer.

You can see a report of all staff added to an allowance once you select an allowance type from the School > All Staff > HR Admin > Allowances page.



You can also see the total amount for allowances added to each contract from the School > All Staff > HR Admin > Contracts page.


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