Staff data, HR and contracts videos

Adding a New Staff Member
For staff to be able to log in and access Arbor, you'll need to add them and set up a staff profile. In this video, we'll see how to add them and let them log in. 
Staff Profile Overview
Here's how to quickly get to a staff member's profile, and how to access some key information on their profile.
Adding Additional Details
In this video, you can see how to look at a staff member's qualifications and checks and add new ones. We'll also look at training courses.
Overview and Adding Contracts
Every staff member included in your Workforce census will need to have a contract in Arbor. The contract determines what job title is recorded for them, as well as their details of employment. You can also see contract information in bulk in this video.
Adding contract details
To make sure you can select from the correct job titles, positions and salaries when adding contracts to staff, watch this video.
Qualifications and Checks
A quick video on how to add qualifications and checks to a staff member's profile.
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