Seeing and updating my child's information on the Parent Portal

The Student Profile on the Parent Portal gives you an overview of the student's personal details. To get to the student profile select the green View Student Profile button.



Notices and consents

This section contains a list of missing information (including consents) on the student's profile. You can also see these on your Homepage, under the View Student Profile button.



To update this information, click on a notice. A slide over will appear where you can add the required information.

Once you've filled in all the information, the notices will disappear - you can edit the information by clicking into the data further down your child's profile.



For consents, you need to either Give or Decline consent.



You'll need to contact your school if you need to change whether you've consented or not. This is not possible to change through the Parent Portal, but you can see your consents at the bottom of the page.




Contact Details

As a primary guardian, you can see and amend the child's contact details. You can only see postal addresses that you also live at with the child.

New contact details can be added by clicking +Add.



You can edit or delete any contact details where there is an arrow symbol. Just click the field, click the Edit button, then edit or delete.



The Family, Guardians & Contacts section displays all guardians linked to the student's profile. You can only see and update your own details.

You can add new contacts by following these instructions: How to add new guardians and contacts for your child

You can only see and update your own details. If you need to update another guardian's details, they will need to log in and update if they are a primary guardian, or you can contact your school to make any changes for you.



Other information you can view and amend

Student Details

This section contains the student's personal information. Any information with the Parent_Portal___Student_profile.jpg symbol to the right of it can be amended. 

Click on the student details you would like to amend, a slide over will then appear for you to update the information, once updated select Save Changes.



Meal Preferences & Dietary Requirements  

This section shows what any dietary requirements the student has and displays the current meal preferences.

To add another dietary requirement, click +Add and update the slide over.



Previous Schools

This section will list the student's previous enrollment into past schools. To view details of a previous school listed, select it, a slide over will appear displaying all of the school's details. 

To add a new historic school click +Add.




This section will load all of the medical details linked to the students profile. This includes the student's Doctor, Medical Conditions, Immunisations etc depending on what you have added.

To update any of the sections, click on one of them. Amend the details on the slide over and click on Save Changes. 


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