See and report on Staff Absence Statistics

To view staff absence, go to School > All staff > Absences.

On this page you can see any upcoming staff absences, including Total Working Days Lost (the full number of scheduled days of absence) and Filtered Working Days Lost (the amount of days absence that occurs within the selected filter dates).



To view overall staff absence statistics, go to School > All staff > Absences > Statistics.

This Staff Absences Statistics page provides an analysis of the staff absences recorded over a specified period of time, including each staff members' total absences and working days lost.



Click on the filter bar at the top of the page to change the information displayed in the table. 



Top Tip: You can also see an individual staff member's attendance on their Staff Profile. Just select Attendance from the left-hand-side.



Working Days Lost

You can use this report to look at the amount of days lost due to staff absence. There are some subtle differences with the columns that you need to be aware of:

  • Total Working Days Lost: The full amount of days that are scheduled for the absence.
  • Filtered Working Days Lost: The amount of days absence which occur during the filtered dates.

Filtering the Report

You can change the filters at the top to filter the report to view absences that fall within a specific date range. When filtering the report, make sure to just look at the Filtered Working Days Lost column to see the number of days absence during the specific dates.

Viewing this Data for Teaching Staff Only

If you want to only see Total Days Lost for your teaching staff, you can apply a filter for this. Select All Teaching Staff from the Staff in drop down box within the filters.


The absence figures aren't right

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