Adding cover without logging a staff absence

In order for lessons to flag as needing cover, a staff absence does need to be logged.

However, you may have instances where you have staff who are swapping lessons. You can still assign a lesson to staff by assigning them to the specific lesson.


You'll need the Teaching: Administer permission to assign someone as the academic lead or to one lesson. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


You'll need to follow these instructions to add the staff member wo will be taking the lessons to the registers: Add or remove staff from a single lesson

Please Note: You won't be able to able to remove the other staff members that are linked to this lesson if they have been added through a timetable slot or as an academic lead. The lesson will show on both staff members' calendars.

If you do not want the lesson to appear on the other staff calendar then they will either need to be removed from the timetable slot or removed as academic lead from the course - you would need to remove them for those specific dates, then add them back on.

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