Cover for double or partial lessons

You may want to schedule cover for a double lesson with two different teachers. Go to arrange cover in the normal way.

Arranging cover

  • You have split your double lesson -  Click into the Timetable tab to arrange the cover. You will need to click into each lesson separately to arrange cover for each one. 
  • You have one long lesson - Click into the Timetable tab to arrange the cover, making sure you adjust the time so there is then some time still to cover.



The cover requirement will then turn orange. 

Click it again to arrange the remainder and put in the second teacher.



Taking the register

Your teachers can then take the register for the class.

  • If you have split your double lesson, there will be one register for each teacher to take. You can see how this works here: How do we take both registers for a double lesson?
  • If you have scheduled one long lesson, there will only be one register. We'd recommend advising your teachers that only the first staff member providing cover takes the register, to prevent marks from being changed.


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