Setting up Regular Attendance Patterns for my Nursery students

Through the Attendance Patterns, attendance patterns for students who attend between the same times can be monitored and set up individually or in bulk. Our schools find this functionality most useful for Nursery students who have staggered starts.

Please note: Using this method, you can set up Attendance patterns for students who attend for the same pattern every day. For example Mon-Fri morning only, or Mon-Fri all day. 

To set up Attendance patterns for students who do not attend for the same pattern every day, for example, all day Monday-Thursday but morning only on Friday, click here.



Adding an Attendance pattern for an individual student 

Go to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups > Select class > Attendance Patterns.

Select the academic year.



Then click on an empty "Attendance" cell to work on. A slide-over pops up to input the necessary attendance pattern information for the student, including a time-frame of applicability.

The Initial attendance pattern will run until the date in the Until field has passed. Then the student's attendance pattern will automatically change to the 2nd attendance pattern.

When complete, click on the 'Set Attendance Pattern' button to save. 




Setting Attendance patterns in bulk

Go to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups > Select Class > Attendance Patterns.

Select the 'Bulk Set Attendance Patterns' button. From here you will be able to bulk set attendance for any students who do not already have an attendance pattern set up. 



Select the enrolment start date and the attendance pattern, then select the students this applies to. Once you are happy with this - click the green 'Set attendance pattern' button. 



The students you selected will then have their attendance patterns set up.



After an initial attendance pattern has been set for a student, any subsequent changes can be done by clicking the attendance pattern in the table or through the Enrolment section on the Student Profile.


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