Enrol nursery into registers using regular Attendance Patterns

When adding your nursery students to registers, you need to decide whether to use Attendance Patterns or to enrol manually. Please read our guidance here to decide before following the instructions below: What are Attendance Patterns?

Please note that this process is for enrolling your nursery students in registers during the year, such as after migration. If you wish to set up your nursery registers for next year, you'll need to follow these instructions



Check your course structure

Make sure you have set up your registration lesson as shown here: Setting up your nursery registers for the first time

Check student enrolment

Make sure the student has been enrolled in the right year group and registration form. You can do this from the applicant area if they were added as an applicant, or from their student profile.

If your team chose to enrol students based on Attendance Patterns when setting up the school year (option 1 here), this means they will be automatically added to all your AM and PM roll call registers.



Managing Attendance patterns and enrolment into registers

Setting attendance patterns

To change their attendance pattern so they only appear on the register at certain times, go to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups > Select class > Attendance Patterns.

Use the Bulk Set Attendance Patterns button to bulk set attendance for any students who do not have an attendance pattern.



Select the enrolment start date and pattern, then select the students this applies to. Once you are happy, click the green Set attendance pattern button. 

The Initial attendance pattern will run until the date in the Until field has passed. Then the student's attendance pattern will automatically change to the 2nd attendance pattern.



Changing the registers students will appear in

To change an existing attendance pattern (before the start of the year), you’ll need to delete it then add a new one. Click the Attendance field then click the Delete button in the slide over.

After an initial attendance pattern has been set for a student, any subsequent changes can be done by following these instructions: Change a student's attendance pattern so they appear in the right registers


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