Setting up your nursery registers for the first time

  • If you have not recently moved to Arbor, you will have created your course structure as part of the New School Year Setup, so you won't need to complete these steps.
  • If you have just moved to Arbor, you must have first set up all your courses and modules correctly to be able to enrol students correctly into your nursery registers. For nursery students, you will need to have set up morning and afternoon modules for each weekday.

To set up your nursery registers for the first time, go to School > Programmes > Courses.



Click '+Add' to add a New Course with a relevant title

Click into that newly created course which should have '(No Lessons Scheduled)' and click +Add.



Label the Module Monday AM, then click Add Module.



Within each module, you'll need to schedule the register.



Head back to the parent level component to review and continue to add the modules for Monday PM, Tuesday AM etc until you have your whole week scheduled.



You can then follow the instruction in these articles to enrol your students, depending on your requirements:

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