Switching from using Attendance Patterns to manual enrolment

There are two ways to enrol students into registers:

We recommend manually enrolling students. This is because Attendance Patterns can only be used for students that attend morning only, afternoon only or all day every single day. Manually enrolling is much more flexible, and so can be used for all students.

If you have set up using attendance patterns, you may wish to no longer use these. Please follow the instructions below to switch your setup over.

Step 1 - Delete the Automatic Enrolments

Go to Students > Enrolment > Registration Forms and select your Nursery registration form.

Click on the first Automatic Enrolment and click Edit.



Select to Keep students in the course, then click Delete. This will keep all the students in registers, but will allow you to make changes in their enrolment where needed in the next steps.



Then repeat this for every Automatic Enrolment, until there are none left here. There is no way to do this in bulk.



You'll notice that since we chose to Keep the students, they're still in the course if you go to School > Programmes > Courses and select one of the courses.




Step 2 - Delete the Attendance Patterns

Because you've removed the need for Attendance Patterns to add students to registers, the removal of them is optional and you don't have to do it.

If you did want to do it, go to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups > Select class > Attendance Patterns.

Click into each student's Attendance Pattern and then click Delete. There is no way to do this in bulk.



Step 3 - Enrol the students manually

You can now follow these instructions to manually enrol students into the right registers in bulk: Enrol nursery into registers manually

You can change the registers students are enrolled in using the above method, and teachers will then only see the students that are meant to attend that session in their registers - no need to use an X code.

What do we do when a new student joins?

If a new student joins, you'll need to remember to add them to the right registers: Enrolling a single student

What if we have already started taking attendance?

Because you choose to Keep the students enrolled in the class, any attendance taken for the registers won't be removed.

If you choose to end or remove a student's enrolment into a register that has had attendance taken, this will make these attendance marks redundant - you can see how to fix these here: Remove redundant attendance marks

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