Add and view student's access arrangements

You can view all your student's access arrangements for their exams, and add new ones, from the Students > Examinations > Candidates > Access Arrangements area.

See how standard and in-house exam access arrangements are linked here.

Top Tip: You can also do everything listed here for individual students from their profile: Examinations records for an individual student on the student profile


You will need one of these permissions to add or edit access arrangements:

  • Qualifications: Administer All Students
  • Student: Special Education Needs: Administer My/All Students (also called Student: SEN: Administer My/All Students)

You can view access arrangements with the Student Profile: Qualifications: View All Students permission.

If you don't have the required permission, ask your school office to give them to you using these instructions.


Before adding Access arrangements

You can only add access arrangements for candidates entered into exams.

If you need to add access arrangements for students who have not been entered into any exams yet, you can add them as Internal Candidates (see this article for instructions). 


Using the Access Arrangements report

Download the report by clicking the Download button.

You can hover over an access arrangement to view more information.



Click the filters to change the settings to not group the access arrangements for each student together if you need to see the start and end date for each access arrangement.

Untick the Group Access Arrangements box to see each individual access arrangement, then click Save Changes.




Adding a new Access Arrangement

Click the green Add New Access Arrangement button, or tick the boxes next to the students to add access arrangements for, and click the Bulk action button.



Fill in the slide over with the right information. Then click Add Access Arrangement.

You can only select the access arrangement types approved by the JQC.



Editing an access arrangement

Clicking a cell allows you to edit the access arrangement. You can then edit the details.

If the student now has a different access arrangement than before, we recommend adding an end date and adding a new access arrangement rather than editing the existing one.



Deleting an access arrangement

Clicking a cell allows you to delete the access arrangement.

You can also delete access arrangements in bulk by ticking the boxes next to the students, and clicking the Bulk action button.

If the student previously had an access arrangement that has now ended, we recommend adding an end date rather than deleting the old access arrangement.



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