Seeing all student's access arrangements

To get a report of all candidate's access arrangements you've added, go to Students > Examinations > Candidates > Access Arrangements.

Clicking a cell allows you to edit the access arrangement, and you can download the report by clicking the Download button.



You can hover over an access arrangement to view more information.



You can click the filters to change the settings to not group the Access Arrangements for each student together if you need to see the start and end date for each access arrangement.

Untick the Group Access Arrangements box to see each individual access arrangement, then click Save Changes.




Adding a new access arrangement

Click the green Add New Access Arrangement button and fill in the slide over with the right information. Then click Add Access Arrangement.

You can only select the access arrangement types approved by the JQC.



Please note that you can only add access arrangements for candidates entered into exams. If you need to add access arrangements for students who have not been entered into any exams yet, you can add them as Internal Candidates (see the Candidates section of this article)When you've done this you will be able to enter access arrangments. 


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