Joining the Arbor Community

What is the Arbor Community?

The Arbor Community is a great space to ask questions, share best practice and learn from and support fellow Arbor schools.


How can I access the Arbor Community?

To access the community, you'll need to log into the Help Centre. You can see how to do this here: Logging in

Once logged in, click the Arbor Community button on the Help centre homepage.


In your account, you can see your details, and any posts or comments you've made in the Community.



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I'm still stuck!


  • Where can I  find SEN Experts for pre-training materials for Core Skills for SENCOs? - the email confirming a place said we would have access to this but no-one can find it!

  • Hi Wendy!  These are located in the Arbor Community Core Skills for SENOCs area. You can click on the topic title 'Core Skills for SENCOs' and you will see the resources there.

  • Does anyone know why we can login as a parent and see that the communication has been received but the parent hasn't received it?

  • Hi Deb, if something isn't looking as expected, please get in touch with our support team via email.


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