How can I view my open ticket requests with the Arbor Support Team?

Accessing your requests

Because the Help Centre is hosted on the same platform as our Support Team (Zendesk), you can see your open requests with us through the Help Centre.

You'll need to log in to be able to see your requests. Click Sign in at the top right of the Help Centre, or see this article for how to set up an account.



Once logged in, click your username in the top right, and select My activities.



To view your requests, click on the Requests section.



Viewing and managing your requests

You can keep track of your queries and reported bugs if you contact us via the Contact Us option, or email us using the same email address you log into the Help Centre with.

What are the different Statuses?

Your request will have different statuses assigned: 

  • Open - We've got your request and are working on getting you an update.
  • Awaiting your reply - We've requested some additional information from you, so please reply so we can help resolve your issue.
  • Solved - This query has been marked as resolved.

Top Tip: If you've just submitted a request, it can take a little time to show as Open. Don't worry - we've got your request and you'll be able to see it soon!




Responding to a request

Click on a request.

For Open or Awaiting your reply requests you can add a response or submit a new request.



For Solved requests you can only create a follow-up request.



Can I view other people's requests?

You can only view other people's requests if they have CCd you into their request.

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