Introduction to Behaviour
Thinking about using Behaviour in Arbor? Check out this video to see what you could do with the Behaviour module in the Arbor MIS, including bespoke setup, automatic workflows and easy reporting.
Setting up Behaviour Types
Setting up Behaviour Types allow you to choose what behaviour was done during an incident. Each Type can be linked to a severity level to allow the setup of automatic workflows.
Setting up Behaviour Locations
If you want to add additional locations as well as your rooms, such as the hallway, you can see how in this video. Your staff will then be able to select them as the location of an incident.
Setting up Detentions
Watch this video to see how to set up detentions and schedule detention sessions. 
Setting up Behaviour Point award scales
You might use merits, points, stars or some other point awards system at your school. If you do, see this video for how to set them up in Arbor, so your teachers can start giving out points, and so you can track the points given.
Setting up an Incident Workflow
Watch this video to see how to set up workflows to automatically escalate to a staff member, assign detentions or send out messages to primary guardians.
Set up and log internal exclusions
Watch this video to see how to set up internal exclusions (sometimes known as isolation) and schedule the sessions.
Awarding Behaviour Points
Once you've got your behaviour points set up, here's how you can give points to students from the Arbor Dashboard, a student's profile or the Behaviour module. 
How to Log, Assign and Watch Incidents
In this video see how to record behaviour incidents right from the Arbor Dashboard, a student's profile or the Behaviour module. 
Record and Use Detentions
Once you've set up and scheduled detention sessions, watch this video to see how to add a student to a detention, see statistics and upcoming detention groups, and take attendance for a detention.
Log Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions
See upcoming exclusions and see how to log if any students have a fixed term or permanent exclusion.
Reporting from the Behaviour module
Want to create a quick report on behaviour incidents or points? Watch this video!
Creating a custom Behaviour report
To report on behaviour in even more depth, or to be able to share the report with others via email, you can create a Custom Report.
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