Lesson Engagement scoring

Schools often want to track how engaged students are in lessons, and assign a score for their lesson engagement (sometimes called Attitude to Learning). With our Lesson Engagement feature, you can:

  • assign students a default lesson engagement score when they're marked present or absent
  • have teachers adjust this score higher or lower during or after the lesson to accurately record how students engaged
  • track lesson engagement for different student groups and over time
  • identify students who's lesson engagement has suddenly dropped, to take action to find out the reason or add the student to interventions

No more struggling to send out daily reports to parents about their child's engagement in lessons! Now teachers can automatically record behaviour points on your new scale based on student's attendance mark, and update this score after it's been recorded and as the lesson goes on.


  • School: Behaviour: Behaviour Policy - Set up your Lesson Engagement point award scale and switch on Lesson Engagement scoring
  • Behaviour: Administer My/All Students - Log and edit Lesson Engagement scores from the Lesson Dashboard

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Set up Lesson Engagement

Step 1 - Add your Lesson Engagement scale

Go to Students > Behaviour > Setup and click into the Point Awards tab. Click +Add to add a new scale for lesson engagement.



In the slide over, add a name and choose your settings. Make sure to set the Directionality as Neutral if you want to record negative numbers as well as positive.


Step 2 - Add Reasons/Attributes

The next step is to add reasons to your point awards scale. This will allow you to set (in step 3) the default points awarded when students are marked Present or Absent for a Lesson, and the other scores the teacher can use for students' Lesson Engagement score.

Click into the scale you've just set up, and click Manage Point Award Scale.




Click +Add to add a new reason.



Add the name of the reason, and how many points this should equate to.



You're free to set up as many points as you need to (within the scale minimum and maximum you've set up).


Step 3 - Switch on Lesson Engagement scoring

Return to the Point Awards tab, and click into the Behaviour Point Awards Policy.



In the slide over, select your Lesson Engagement point award scale, and select which points will be used by default when a student is present and absent.

  • In the example below, a student marked present will be given two points, but teachers can score up or down later in the lesson as needed.
  • Leave the defaults blank to not automatically assign points.



Using Lesson Engagement scoring on the Lesson Dashboard

When Lesson Engagement scoring has been switched on, teachers will see an additional column in the Students table on Lesson Dashboards.

Default points awarded

  • If you chose to set a default point when students are absent, this will automatically assign this for any students with a planned absence. The student below has been automatically assigned 0.
  • When the teacher then opens and fills out the attendance register, if you chose to set a default point when students are present, this will automatically assign these points to present students.
  • If you amend the attendance mark (such as from Absent to Late), the engagement score will also be updated.



Updating engagement during or at the end of the lesson

You can update Lesson Engagement scores in bulk once the lesson is over.

Tick the boxes next to students, then click the Bulk action button to select your lesson engagement scale.

In the slide over, select the engagement level then click Save Changes. Their engagement score will then be updated.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 12.31.31.png


Reporting on Lesson Engagement

Top Tip: Want to send out communications using your Lesson Engagement data? Just follow these instructions: Creating a Mail Merge using data from a Custom Report Writer report

In the Custom report Writer

Create a report about Staff to use the Point Award Count Statistics column to see Lesson Engagement grouped by the staff who have scored students. 

Create a report about Students to use our Lesson Engagement related fields. Just type in 'timetable' or 'point award' to find these columns to add them to your report.



  • Use the Timetabled lesson attendance mark column to find the attendance marks for a particular date and timetable period - please note that you must have TimeTable periods set up to be able to use this feature.
  • Use the column called your engagement score name to find how the student engaged with their lesson during that timetable period.
  • Use Point Award Count Statistics to see 'out of all of these points how many were for low lesson engagement'. In the example below, I've chosen to see what percentage of student's Lesson Engagement scores for the week were 'Concern'.


In the Behaviour Reporting area

You can report on points recorded for Lesson Engagement in the same way as for any behaviour point scale.

For example, in Students > Behaviour > Point Awards > Totals.

Top Tip: If this is the first time you're accessing the page, be sure to click into the filters to select the lesson engagement scale.



You can use the filters to group by Registration form or Course. Then click the column header to and order the columns and see which classes have the highest or lowest engagement!


For parents and guardians

Depending on your settings, guardians can see Lesson Engagement scores recorded for their children. You can see more about this here: Behaviour on the Parent Portal and Parent App



You can select what information is displayed to parents by going to Students > Behaviour > Setup and clicking into the Point Awards tab. Select the Lesson Engagement score then click Edit.





What if we want to change our setup?

Any changes you make to your Lesson Engagement scoring, such as changing the default point award categories, will only apply to future Lesson Engagement recorded. The changes will not be applied retrospectively for past scores.  

Can we set a default score for students who are Late?

When you set default scores for students who are present or late, this refers to students who are physically present/absent. This means that Late marks are classed as present (in line with our attendance code guidance here).

We don't give you the option to set a default score for students who are Late, as we don’t believe students should be automatically penalised for being late if their engagement is otherwise good.

If your school wants to enact a policy for Lates, your teachers will need to manually set the score.

Can we use Lesson Engagement for other areas of Arbor?

Lesson Engagement is only available for lessons. It is not available for other areas of Arbor such as Clubs or Interventions. 

Can we have it for just some lessons or classes?

It isn't possible to enable Lesson Engagement scoring for only some subjects, courses or classes. Once switched on, this is available for all teachers to record for their classes. 

What happens if we delete an attendance mark? 

If you delete the attendance mark, the Engagement score will not be removed.

We don't want to use Lesson Engagement - how do we switch it off?

Go to Students > Behaviour > Setup and click into the Point Awards tab. Select Behaviour Point Awards Policy, and click the X in the Point award scale field, then click Save Changes

This will switch off Lesson Engagement for teachers on Lesson Dashboards, but will not remove the points recorded.


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