Glossary of key terminology for Behaviour

The Behaviour area in Arbor is where student conduct can be recorded, monitored and reported on.


  • Internal Exclusion - When a student is removed from their regular class to a separate room or area within the school. This is for behavioural reasons, rather than academic (which is when an Intervention would be used instead). 
  • Permanent Exclusion - When the child is no longer allowed to attend your school in person, but have not yet been moved under the responsibility of another educational institution because an Exclusion Review has not yet been completed.
  • Suspension (previously known as Fixed-Term Exclusions) - This is a temporary exclusion from the school, where the student is expected to return after an agreed period of time.

In Arbor, these are all recorded in separate areas.

Behaviour Incidents

Behaviour incidents are a log of what behaviour events took place, where, when and who was involved (students and/or staff).

Behaviour incidents can be:

  • Positive (on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best)
  • Negative (on a scale of -1 to -5 with -5 being the worst)
  • Neutral with an assigned value of 0

We know that parents sometimes see the word 'Incident' and assume that something negative has happened. But an 'incident' refers to the event itself taking place. For example, incidents with a positive score are referred to as Positive Incidents in the Parent Portal and Arbor App (if you use this)

We recommend using the Incidents area to record these rather than just logging positive or negative behaviour points, as there's much more you can record and report on.

You aren't able to customise this wording in Arbor, but it is possible to customise your templates when communicating with guardians via Email, SMS or In-app, or when using Custom Report Cards.

Behaviour points

You can set up multiple point award scales for tracking different behaviour points. For example, you could set up the equivalent of Merits, Rewards or Stars (positive), Minuses or Demerits (negative) or Housepoints (both positive and negative points can be recorded for a running total.

Behaviour notes

Behaviour notes can be used to log information specific to a student on their profile, such as referrals. They can also be used to log Daily Report Cards.

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