Arbor 2018/2019 Webinars

What are the webinars about?

Each session focuses on a different module, each webinar has a set agenda and will be done live by one of our customer success managers. The sessions are no longer than an hour and each one will train the school on a different area of the system. 


Who should attend?

Everyone at the school is welcome to join our webinars, we do however suggest joining the ones that deal with a module your users are using. This article suggests whether teachers, SLT etc should be joining a specific session, and also has information about what is covered in each session.


Is there a schedule?

Yes, we have created a detailed schedule for our autumn webinars which can be downloaded. As we are constantly updating the schedule due to seasonal requirements we kindly suggest you review it often. 

Click here to access the schedule


How can I prepare?

Block some time out in your calendar, grab yourself a pair of headphones and head to a quiet space where you'll be able to focus. We cover a large amount of information during the session and don't want you to miss anything!

During the session, note down any questions you have. You'll be able to ask them at the end.


How do we join the session?

Step 1: To be able to watch the training session you will need to navigate in your internet browser to the link below:  

Step 2: So you can listen to the training session you will need to join the audio;

  • Dial this number: 0161 820 1607
  • Enter the conference ID: 324 927 090#


Note: Please test the screen share link prior to your session to make sure you can access this. If you are having problems please ask your IT to whitelist the website.