Essential Webinars

What are the recordings?

We've put together ten Essential training videos to help schools get to grips with Arbor. Each session focuses on a different part of Arbor's MIS system. The sessions are no longer than an hour and you can watch them whenever is convenient for you!

Who should watch?

We find the users who get the most value from these webinars are those who have a high level of access, such as SLT, student administrators, HR administrators, attendance officers, behaviour leads and business managers.

Although anyone who uses Arbor as a staff member is welcome to watch the training videos, we suggest only watching the ones relevant to your role and purchase package.

For how teachers and TAs can use Arbor, we've pulled everything they'll need to know into these videos

How can I watch?

You can find each video below. If your firewall blocks Youtube, click the link under each video instead to watch it on Google Drive. 

Essentials 1 - My Homepage and Top Tips
Essentials 2 - Student Profiles

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  • How to add a new student manually or using a CTF
  • Finding a student's profile
  • Adding and editing data on the student profile
  • How to un-enrol a student 
Essentials 3 - Staff Profiles

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  • How to add a new staff member
  • Managing passwords and logging in
  • How to find a staff profile
  • Adding and editing data on the staff profile
  • How to end a staff member's employment at your school
Essentials 4 - Business roles and Permissions 

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  • Give a staff member a business role
  • Give a staff member ad-hoc permissions
  • See what each permission allows users to do
  • See which user has which permissions
  • Edit the permissions included in a business role
Essentials 5 - Staff HR and Admin

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  • Contracts
  • Checks
  • Pay scales
  • Positions for Census 
Essentials 6 - Staff Absences and Cover

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  • Log staff absences
  • Assign cover for staff absences
  • Report on staff absences
  • Set up supply teachers for long and short-term cover
  • Adding working periods for staff
Essentials 7 - Attendance

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  • Taking attendance
  • Managing attendance including following up with absentees
  • Using our built-in Attendance reports
Essentials 8 - Communications

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  • An introduction to Arbor Communications
  • Managing who can send communications as Permitted Senders
  • Preparing and sending emails, SMS, in-app messages and letters in bulk and to individuals
  • Using notices
  • Logging telephone calls and meetings
  • Using the communications log
Essentials 9 - Clubs and Trips

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  • Creating a club
  • Adding club sessions
  • Membership prices and participants
  • Creating a trip
  • Trip prices
  • Adding trip participants
  • Recording signups
Essentials 10 - Meals

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  • How to set up a basic meal
  • How to manage Meal attendance
  • How to manage meal balances
  • Meal Reports in Arbor 
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