Printing an Emergency Evacuation Register


Once your attendance registers have been taken, you may want to print off a full list of students.

From the Students > Attendance page, click the Emergency Evacuation Register button, which will create a PDF to download.


Evacuation Register settings

You have the option to print your Evacuation Register to include all lessons or to only show registration forms.

To change which format to use, contact the Arbor customer Support team.

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  • Are there any tips about the best way to manage this? It seems a lot of paper to print off daily and a significant time delay if the office have to print off before evacuating a burning building.

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  • Hi Nicola, that's a great question! We wouldn't recommend trying to quickly print all these registers in the case of a fire evacuation if all of your school is based in the same building! Instead, there's two option for you:

    1. Attendance can be taken on portable devices such as a tablet or laptop. As Arbor is cloud-based, teachers can log into Arbor and take the registers from anywhere (provided your internet reaches).

    2. As you're a primary, it's likely you have the same lessons at the same time each week. In this case we'd recommend printing out one set of these for the whole week and keeping these in a folder ready for an evacuation. As long as you make sure to replace them when a student moves classes or in unenrolled, they will still have the right list of students for you to mark.

    If neither of those solutions is quite right for you, please do post in the Arbor Community where other schools can share with you their best practice for Evacuation Registers.

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