Switching on Student Portal

Using the Student Portal is a great way to increase student engagement. It allows students to:

  • See what events they have coming up
  • See which classes they're taking
  • View their attendance and behaviour stats
  • See which homework assignments they've been given
  • Submit completed assignments
  • View their assignment marks and feedback

Take a look at this article to see what the Student Portal looks like for a student.

Before you get Student portal switched on for your school, there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure it functions in the way you want it to.


Step 1 - Check your student details

a. Ensure all Student profiles exist

Make sure that all students you want to be able to log into Arbor have been added to your Arbor site, and are currently enrolled. If any of your students are missing, you'll need to add them.

Don't worry if you have students who'll be joining later on in the year - you can give them access when they join your school by following the instructions below again.

b. Resolve duplicate profiles

If you have a student with more than one profile, the Student Portal will not know which profile to show when logging in. To see how to resolve all your duplicate students, click here.

c. Check contact details

Option 1 - Contacting guardians

As most schools don't store student email addresses in Arbor, we recommend sending an email out with login details to their primary guardians. 

To be able to do this, you'll need to check all Primary Guardians have an email address on their guardian profile. This information can be found and any gaps filled in by going to Students > Parents & Guardians > Bulk Update > Guardian Contact Details.


Option 2 - Contacting students

If you want to email students with their login details or make it possible for students to reset their own password, you'll need to check all students have an email address on their profile. This information can be found and any gaps filled in by going to School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard Students > Contact Details > Email Addresses. You should add a personal email address, not their guardian's email address.

Make sure the email address used on a student profile is not also used on a guardian profile to prevent login issues. To check all guardians and students have different email addresses, click the link at the bottom of the page to download our check report. Then go to the Custom Report Writer and select to create a new Custom Report by importing this file to see students and their Primary Guardians' email addresses. You'll need to go to their profiles to make any changes.


Step 2 - Turn on your Student portal

a. Turning on your Student Portal

When you are ready to turn on your Student Portal, send us an email at myteam@arbor-education.com. Please CC in your school's data controller so they can give authorisation for us to turn Student Portal on.

Student Portal will be switched on for all students - you can't enable it for only some students. If you'd like, you can test your Student Portal by logging in as a student.

b. Choose which login URL to use

If your school uses Google or Microsoft Single Sign-On, this will not affect the way students can log in.

Students can log in using their username/email address and password, but we know it may be confusing to students to see the Log in with... button on your login page.



You can send them the link to https://login.arbor.sc/ where they can log in from instead.



c. Get students to log in

Students aren't automatically notified when your Student Portal is switched on - you'll need to let them know and send them their login details.

Top Tip: You can send login details for an individual student from their profile. You can see how to do this here: Resending a 'Welcome to Arbor' or login details email for a student, guardian or staff member

Option 1 - Send out login details by email

Click the link at the bottom of the page to download our student login details report. Then go to the Custom Report Writer and select to create a new Custom Report by importing this file.



You can then create a mail merge email using the fields from your custom report, and send this out to the student's primary guardians, or the students themselves (if you store student email addresses in Arbor).




Option 2 - Students set their own password

If all your students have email addresses on their Student Profiles, they will be able to set their own password for the first time in the same way parents and staff do, from your school-specific login page.

Send them the URL of your login page via email - you can see more about URLs here.

They'll just need to click the First Time logging in link to reset their password.


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