Bulk set course Subjects and Year Groups

Each course in Arbor can have a Subject and Year Group specified. Subjects are used in the Autumn Census for Secondary Schools and are also required by many of Arbor's integration partners. Please note that Arbor's list of subjects is taken from the DfE's Common Basic Data Set and as such, we're unable to make changes, rename subjects, or add additional subjects.

The quickest way to set a subject or year for multiple courses is via the bulk action on the Courses & Classes page of your Arbor which can be found via School > Programmes > Courses > Table View.

Tick the checkboxes for all the courses that you need to set (e.g. Art and Design) for, then click the Bulk action button in the top-left of the list and select the right option.



In the slide over that appears, select your desired subject from the drop-down menu, then click the 'Bulk Update' button.



If the class is a mixed year group class, leave the Year group field blank. You can't select multiple year groups in this field, so you should leave this field blank to output this as a mixed year group class in the census.


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