Enrolling a single student

If you have students who have joined as in-year admissions, you'll need to enrol them into registers from their student profile. You can see how to do this below.

Checking a student's enrolment

The easiest way to check a student's enrolment is by going to the student's profile and selecting Enrolment from the left-hand menu.

You'll be able to see what the student is enrolled into including year group and registration form and if they are enrolled as single or dual registration.

Top Tip: make sure you're looking at the right academic year using the drop-down box on the right-hand side of the page.



Enrolling a student in your school

To add an enrolment, go to Student Profile > Enrolment. Click +Add next to your school's name.



A slide-over will come up asking you to fill out the student's enrolment details. Fill in the information, then click Enrol student

For most students, this enrols them into AM and PM roll call registers too, but if the child is a nursery student you may also need to ensure they appear in daily registers by either manually adding them to the right registration form sessions or giving them an attendance pattern from Enrolment > Year Groups > Nursery > Attendance Patterns.



Adding missing class enrolments

You'll want to make sure none of your students has gaps in their timetable. You can see gaps by going to School > Timetable > Student Timetable > Timetable Gaps.



Click the student to take a look at the gaps in their calendar on their Student Profile.



In the example above I can see at 11 am on census day (Thursday 16th January) there’s a gap in the student’s calendar.

To add them into the class they should be in at that time, go to Student Profile > Enrolment > Courses. Click +Add then select the right class.

In the slide over, choose the date they should have been enrolled in the class, and choose the classes to enrol them into, then click Enrol in Courses & Classes. Top Tip: You'll see the number of students already enrolled in the class on the date selected.



The student will then no longer have a gap in their calendar.


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