The year group a student joined in is missing

When looking at the Enrolment section on a student's profile, Arbor shows you the date and in what year group the student joined the school.



Schools that manually migrated to Arbor might find that you can't see which year group the student joined in. This is because previous students' Year Group history won't have been inputted, so if a student joined 3 years ago Arbor won't have details about what year group they were in at that time. Not having the year group a student joined in won't affect anything on Arbor.

If you did want to show this information, you would need to add the year groups for the relevant previous years and then add the students to them for this to show on the students' enrolment section. 


How to add year group joined in (optional)

Step 1 - Check your previous years

Go to Students > Enrolment and select the relevant academic year from the drop-down menu in the top right.

Can't see the right year? Get in touch with our support team and we'll create this for you.



Step 2 - Add Year Groups for previous years

Click +Add on the Students > Enrolment page and enter your year group name and curriculum grade from the slide over.



Step 3 - Add Students to past year groups

Click into the year group you've created and click +Add in the Current Students section. Select the relevant students from the drop-down menu, and click Enrol Students.

The students will now have an enrolment that shows the Year Group they joined in.


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