Students in Registration Forms are not in the class registers

You may have, on the Students > Attendance page, registers with no students in them.

Step 1 - Check Registration Forms

Go to Students > Enrolment > Registration Forms and check if you can see students in Registration forms here.

  • If there are, move to the next step.
  • If there are not, you'll need to go back to Step 3 of the New School Year Setup process to promote your students: Promote registration form students

Step 2 - Enrol students into registers

When there are students in your Registration Forms, but not in the registers, this means you may have missed a Step when scheduling your registers. All you need to do is enrol your students in the right registers.

The quickest way to do this is using an Automatic Enrolment - this allows you to add all students from a Year Group, a Registration Form, or a House into a course register. We recommend using your Registration Form.

Go to Students > Enrolment and select a Registration Form. Scroll down to Add Automatic Enrolment into Courses and click +Add.


Here you can choose to enrol only students with an attendance pattern on their profile, meaning that if you select Afternoon Only for example, only the students who attend school in the afternoon will be automatically enrolled. This step is optional and you can leave this field blank to enrol all of the students into the course.

Select the course that you want to enrol your students into, and click Add Automatic Enrolment. The students in your Year Group, Registration Form, or House will now be enrolled into the chosen register. You can also select multiple courses to add the students to.


Removing or amending an automatic enrolment

If you need to make any changes or remove an automatic enrolment on a course, see our Help Centre article on this here.

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