Emailing Guardians from a Club

If you needed to notify the guardians of children attending a club, you can log into Arbor and let all the parents know straight away.

To send an email, go to School > Activities > Clubs. Select the club.

Click today's session in the top right of the Club Overview.



On the Club Overview page, go to the Students section. Select the students and click Bulk action button to send the students' primary guardians an email or generate a letter.

Please note that it is not possible to send SMS texts from here. You would need to send a Mail Merge SMS, selecting the club.


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  • Is it possible to delete some of the email recipient groups?  We seem to have several groups with the same name and it makes it long winded to scroll through all the groups to find the one you need.  For example, we have a lot of job roles that we will never need as we are a primary school.

    We also have duplicated groups - but I am not too sure how that has happened.  

    I have been tasked with tidying Arbor up a little bit so any help will be great.  Thanks.


  • Hi Penny, it isn't possible to delete these groups unless there are duplicates. But I do have a tip: type in the name of the group you want to target to narrow down the list - this makes it easier to select one group. For example, if you search for 'Geography' you'll only see geography courses in your list to select from!

    For help deleting the duplicates, I'm not sure what type of group they are, so please contact our support team via email.


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