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Migrating from CMIS

When migrating to Arbor a member of our onboarding team will be in touch to confirm key dates, for example, your migration date. Please do not upload us your CMIS back up data until the agreed migration date.


1. Generate a backup

First, install the SQL server management studio program.

The next step is to generate a backup.

Follow our detailed instructions here, with handy screenshots to help you through all the steps. 

The generated backup file should be in .bak format and it should be located on the SQL server.


2. Upload your backup

Following your scheduled kick-off call, you will have been sent a secure link where you can upload your backup file to us securely. If you don’t have the link please contact us.


3. Wait for further instructions

As soon as the backup is uploaded via the secure portal, Arbor will check the file to make sure it's correct. When the checks are complete, we will start migrating your data.

We start the migration process as soon as the backup is received; this can take up to 5 working days.

As soon as your new Arbor MIS is ready, we will send your SLT a welcome email with confirmation your migration is complete and instructions on how to log in to your site.

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