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September 2022

30th September

Rotating Meal Menus & Parent Portal Meal Choices

Set up our new Meal Menus that rotate every one, two, three or four weeks - choose which meals to enable your menus for, when the menu is available and when the cut-off is for changes. Then guardians can choose exactly what their children should eat through the Parent Portal or Arbor App! Get started here: Rotating Meal Menus



Improvements to the new tables

  • Use the extra small XS setting to reduce the row height even further to fit more data on your page.
  • If you filter out a row, bulk actions won't be applied to those rows - we also show a pop-up to let you know. 
  • We've removed the search bar, hidden columns, the download button and the ability to reorder columns from tables in slide overs.

You can see full details of how our tables work here.

What else is new?

  • You can remove a date of birth from a guardian’s profile.
  • Report on Court Orders for students, guardians and staff.
  • There are new Microsoft Power BI Datasets for SEN Statuses and Student's registration forms.
  • The Students > Attendance > Absentees By Date page now includes U marks so you can follow up with these physically present but statistically absent marks.
  • When sending emails from people's profiles, we now automatically populate the Bcc field rather than the To field - more details here.
  • We’ve updated the SMS Billing page to accurately reflect processing times.
  • We've reverted the description for the X code back to Not Required (non Compulsory School Age), as it's no longer used for Covid-related absences.
  • You'll only see assignments from the current academic year on the Parent and Student Portals.

15th September

MAT MIS Cohort and Mark Level Analysis

See all your summative assessment data for your schools or individual students in one table, and export into your external analysis tools: Using the Cohort and Mark Level Analysis pages

Shorter course names

Save space on your timetables, calendars and tables across the MIS by reducing the length of course display names: Shorter course names on timetables, calendars and tables

Updates for the census

  • Add Alternative Provision placements at companies.
  • For the Spring 2023 census, you can note if a student is a Young Carer.
  • Also for the Spring 2023 census, you can record your School's Weekly Hours Open.

What else is new?

  • Graduate Teacher Programme is no longer a valid QTS route, so we've removed it from the available options when recording QTS.
  • Report on IDs from your previous system using the Legacy System ID field in Student, Guardian and Staff Custom Report Writer reports.
  • The DfE no longer requires schools to complete the weekly EdSet attendance form, but we won't be removing the Covid-19 Dashboard for now. If you want to continue to share your data, you can use do this via Wonde.
  • When reporting on boarders in the Custom Report Writer, the Room field is now optional.
  • For Shared Teaching students, we now show the school the mark was recorded at on emergency evacuation registers.
  • On the assessment import spreadsheet, the columns will reflect any aliases set up.
  • Improved the default mapping when importing your first TimeTabler file of the year.
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