Send students their account logins for other sites

If you need to send students information that isn't currently recorded anywhere in Arbor, or has anywhere to be inputted into Arbor, you can create a User Defined Field. This can then be reported on and sent out to students and guardians. This is commonly used for things like Microsoft account login details, passwords and other account details unrelated to Arbor. 

Adding the information to a student profile

You will need to follow our User Defined Fields article here to get the information into Arbor.

How do I send this information out to students?

You will need to create a custom report that includes the reporting columns of your User Defined Fields. Follow this article on sending a Mail Merge off a report here.

For example, here is my User Defined Field.



This is the Custom Report information.




This is the Mail Merge to send out to students.


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