Logging and reporting on student Young Carers

For the Spring School census, schools should record which of their students are Young Carers. For more information from the DfE about what data is required and when, please see the DfE's Census Data Items guidance.

Recording a student as a Young Carer

Adding Young Carer status

Go to the student's profile and go to the Background section. Click on the Young Carer field.



In the slide over you can see any past statuses and record a new one with the Add Young Carer Status button.



Add the dates, and select who provided the information, then click Save.



The student will then have a demographic indicator tag for Young Carer. Please note that this tag will not show in My Classroom.

They'll also show as Young Carer = Yes in the Derived Background Indicators section.



Editing the status

You can then see the current status on their profile, or click it to edit from the Background section.

In the slide over, select a past status, or click Edit to change the current status.



Reporting on Young Carers

Built-in demographics report

You can see a report of students who are young carers between certain dates. Go to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators and select Background.



Click into the filters to select Young Carer.

You can also choose to chow the inverse of the demographic - in this example it would show you everyone who is not young carers.



You can see a list of students, including their name, year groups, registration form and the dates the start and stop being this demographic.

You can download the table, or click on a student to see more details, or jump to their profile.



In the Custom Report Writer

When creating a Custom Report Writer report about Students, you can add a column to see which students are young carers, or add a filter to see only students who are or are not young carers. You can also use young carer when filtering or grouping by demographics.




Is there a way to update Young Carer in bulk?

Yes, you can upload a spreadsheet of these details in bulk: Entity Importer for setting up your site from scratch or adding new data

Do we need to record this for Nursery students?

This information isn't required for Nursery Students, but recording this information for them won't result in errors in your census - we'll exclude this information automatically.

What are the codes?

Depending on the Young Carer status a student has on School Census day, they will have a different code output:

  • For pupils with no status, or no active status on school census date, they will be output as N
  • For pupils with an active status declared by the parent/guardian, they will be output as P
  • For pupils with an active status declared by the school, they will be output as S
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