I can't access the Covid-19 Dashboard - Permissions needed to manage Covid in Arbor

Accessing the Covid-19 Dashboard

If you have the right permissions, you'll be able to access the Covid-19 Dashboard from Students > Attendance then select Covid-19 Dashboard from the top of the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

If you can't see this menu option, it means you don't have the right permission. The permission is given by default to people with these business roles:

  • Head Teacher-related roles
  • HR, school and Assistant Administrators
  • Admissions Officer and Assessment Coordinator
  • Bursar/Business Manager, Data Manager and Senior Management Team

Please note that this permission is not given to Attendance Officers by default, as it allows access to edit many areas of Arbor. 


To give someone the permission to access the Covid-19 Dashboard (and other areas covered by the permission), you'll need to assign them the School: General Admin: Administer permission. You can do this using these instructions

Please note that for the permissions to become active, the person will need to log out and log back in again. 


Accessing other areas about Covid-19

To edit your timetable or assign teachers and manage student groups, make sure you have these permissions: 

  • Teaching: Administer - create, edit or delete timetable slots, import from TimeTabler, assign someone as the academic lead or to one lesson to be able to take the register
  • Academic Structure: Administer - add courses and assign staff as the academic lead
  • School: Action: Custom Group: View/Administer - set up custom groups to be able to select them on the Covid-19 dashboard or Testing pages

Taking attendance

If you're a pilot school for the DfE's attendance API, you'll need to have the Data Returns: Administer permission to access the page and turn on the sync.

  • Teachers will be able to take attendance for the classes they've been assigned to if they've been added to the timetable slots or as an academic lead.
  • If you want a staff member to be able to take or edit attendance for all classes (edit attendance marks from the Bulk Edit Marks pages, open registers and change register settings), give them the Student Profile: Action: Attendance: Administer All Students permission.

Need to give someone access to take the registers? Follow the instructions in this article: Giving permission for other staff to take attendance registers

Managing testing

Staff will need a range of permissions to be able to add consents for staff and students, access the testing pages, plan tests and record medical conditions:

  • Staff: HR Policy - Add checks for staff
  • Medical: Administer All Students - Record, edit and delete tests for students
  • Medical: View All Students - See planned and recorded tests for students
  • Student Profile: Admin: Administer All Students - Add medical conditions for students
  • All Staff: Basic HR Administration - Record, edit and delete tests for staff, plus the ability to add medical conditions
  • All Staff: View Basic HR Details - See planned and recorded tests for staff
  • School: Action: Custom Group: View/Administer - Add students or staff to custom groups to be able to plan tests

Sending communications

To send a communication from the lesson dashboard, you'll need to have the Student: Communications: Administer permission - if you're a teacher for the class or an Admin, you'll already have this by default!

You'll also need the Send and administer school communications: Administer permission to send communications from here or to send communications to a student's teachers.

To give someone the permission to complete any of the actions described above, follow these instructions

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