How do we report on Attendance excluding Covid-related codes?

You can report on the Covid-related attendance marks from your Covid-19 dashboard, the Raw Attendance Marks page and within the Custom Report Writer. You can see full details here: Where you can report on the codes?

  • Most of our attendance analysis pages (including the Absentees and Statistics pages) and your attendance statistics in the Custom Report Writer will not include the Covid-related attendance codes that map to X. This is because these do not impact statutory attendance.
  • They will however, include Covid-related attendance codes that map back to I. This is because these do impact statutory attendance.

You can see full guidance on how the codes impact your attendance figures here: Do covid-related attendance codes impact attendance statistics?

If you would like to exclude Covid-related codes that map to I from your attendance reporting, you can filter them out of certain Attendance Reporting pages or the Custom Report Writer.

  • Filtering out marks from Attendance Statistics - Go to the Attendance Statistics page, and choose to ignore the Covid-related attendance codes. There's no need to exclude X codes - these are already excluded so won't appear in this box to select.


  • Use the correct column in the Custom Report Writer - To report on attendance excluding Covid-related attendance codes, use the Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Custom) column to select the marks leaving out the Covid-related codes that map to I.


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