Reporting on Covid-19 attendance

If you follow our COVID-19: Current guidance for schools to record attendance correctly, you'll be able to report on attendance figures to the DfE, and to other governing bodies.

You can see what questions the DfE are asking in their form here.


  • School: General Admin: Administer - access and use the Covid-19 Dashboard.
  • School: Action: Custom Group: View/Administer - set up custom groups

If you don't have the permission to complete an action, you can ask one of your school staff to give you the permission using these instructions


Using your Covid-19 Dashboard

You can see totals for each group of students specified by the DfE on your Covid-19 Dashboard in Students > Attendance > Covid-19 Dashboard.



Lesson or statutory attendance?

Choose which attendance marks to report on

Your covid-19 dashboard will display the most recently recorded lesson attendance for each student by default. This means that if a student misses registration but is present in school, you'll be able to report them as present to the DfE.

If you would like to change this to report on statutory roll call attendance instead, go to the Settings tab and click the Calculation basis field.



Change the setting In the slide over then click Save Changes.   




Reporting on students with a social worker

You’ll need to continue to use a custom group for students who have Social Worker to enable us to pull through the right numbers to your Covid-19 Dashboard. You can use custom groups for Students who have requested on-site education that have a key worker guardian, and Vulnerable students, but they are not reported on your Covid-19 Dashboard.

  • If you copied your custom groups over to the 21/22 academic year during Step 4 of the New School Year Setup process, we have automatically updated the custom groups in the Settings tab of your Covid-19 Dashboard to this year's groups. Please check the groups are correct.
  • If you did not copy your custom groups over to the 21/22 academic year during Step 4 of the New School Year Setup process, we have copied these over for you. Please check the groups are correct in the Settings tab of your Covid-19 Dashboard.
  • If you don't yet have custom groups set up you can create them from scratch following the instructions below.
Step 1 - Set up a custom group

To create them from scratch, go to School > School Structure > Custom Groups and click to add a new custom group.



From the Members tab, click +Add in the Current and Future Members section.

Choose the students to enrol in this group, and the date range they will be enrolled in this group for, then click Add Members.


Step 2 - Select the custom groups to use on your Covid-19 Dashboard

To set which custom groups to use in your reporting, go to Students > Attendance > Covid-19 Dashboard and click into the Settings tab.

This will allow you to report on the number of students with a social worker in your Covid-19 DashboardPlease note: you'll need to have the School: General Admin: Administer permission to access this page.

In the slide over, select your custom groups, then click Save Changes. You can select multiple custom groups if needed.




How to use the Covid-19 Dashboard

Using the Covid-19 dashboard

The Covid-19 Dashboard will display the most recently recorded attendance - check your reported numbers, and follow up if attendance hasn't been taken yet for the time period's lesson's using the Incomplete Registers page.

You'll see rows on your Covid-19 Dashboard for each category of covid-19 related absences currently being collected by the DfE. Please note that nursery students are not included in the overview totals for each field on the Dashboard.

The rows tracking covid-related attendance have been added in line with the information the DfE is collecting in their form. We won't add in additional fields for other codes.



When you click on a field you can also view a breakdown for each year group and a full list of students that contribute to the numbers, so you can identify if a whole group of students is absent. In line with the DfE’s guidance, students may appear in more than one group so may be counted twice.

You can still see the number of nursery students, but note these do not contribute to your overall figure. Nursery students are excluded from the list of students contributing to the measure. To identify nursery students who are absent, you can use the Raw Attendance Marks page.



To help report on reasons for absence, you can see the notes recorded against the student's attendance mark. When you click into the slide over, you can order your columns to group students based the reason -  just click the column header to sort the notes. To help keep track, we recommend you agree on a set of naming conventions with your staff so that everyone uses the same term.




Reporting on wraparound care

If your school offers wraparound care, you'll need to report this to the DfE - they want to know:

  • How many pupils or students are attending wraparound provision? - how to find this number will depend on whether you track attendance for wraparound care through Arbor or using another system.
  • How many pupils or students are you unable to provide a place for wraparound provision? And of those pupils, how many have an EHC plan or a social worker? - see how to report on this below.
Reporting on EHCP and social worker

Use our report to see a list of all students, their SEN status and whether they have been added to the Social Worker custom group (see the section above for how to set this up): EHCP and social worker report for the DfE Form

To filter your report to show only students who you have been unable to provide a place for wraparound care, you will need to Edit the report.

Add a filter for Custom Groups and select your 'unable to provide wraparound care' custom group - please note you will have needed to create the custom group




When you save and view your report, it will only show students for who you are unable to provide wraparound care. You can then easily count up which students have an Education, Health and Care Plan or who have a social worker. 





Reporting on attendance over time

You can report on the covid-related attendance codes from the Raw Attendance Marks page and within the Custom Report Writer.

  • You will no longer be able to record X03 and X04 codes for new absences but can still report on these for last year.
  • To report on the new X08 and X09 codes in the Custom Report Writer, you'll need to edit your existing reports. We'll be updating our reporting options in the Custom Report Writer to enable you to report on the new codes soon, so keep an eye on our Product Updates.

Read the sections below to see how the codes impact your attendance figures and how to report on them.

How the covid-related codes impact attendance statistics

As our X0? codes map back to the X code in line with DfE guidance, these do not count towards your attendance figures. This means you won't be able to report on these codes in the Attendance > Absentees or Statistics areas of Arbor.

The attendance figures on your Arbor Dashboard won't take these marks into account so will show a higher statistic for attendance than if these codes were included.



Students who have been marked with these codes will not have these marks included in their attendance statistics:

  • Students who have been marked with these codes since September will show N/A in their attendance statistics on their student profile.


  • Students who have been marked with only present or these codes will show as 100% attendance.


  • Students who have been marked with only absent or these codes will show as 0% attendance.


  • Students who have had a mix of present, absent and these codes will show attendance based on the present and absence marks only. For example, if the student has 26 present marks, 26 absent marks and 52 X06 marks, they will have 50% attendance.


Where you can report on the codes

To see attendance figures for today, use the Covid-19 Dashboard or for analysis over a longer period you can use the Attendance > Admin > Raw Attendance Marks page. Use the filters to change your reporting dates and look at the specific Covid-related absences, and select Lesson attendance to view any notes attached.



To look at total figures for each attendance mark, you can use the Custom Report Writer. You can use our out-of-the-box Custom Report Writer Template, then edit it to include the new codes. We'll be updating our reporting options in the Custom Report Writer to enable you to report on the new codes soon, so keep an eye on our Product Updates.

Go to School > Custom Report Writer and click to create a new report, selecting our template to use.



You'll then be able to save and view the report, which will show you student's UPNs, reg forms, tutors, present and absent marks and percentages, and a total for how many lessons they have had marked with one of our Covid-related attendance codes so far this academic year (excluding X08 and X09 for now).

Click edit to take further actions such as:

  • Adding calculated field columns to report on attendance as if the covid-related X codes were statistically significant
  • Add columns for the new X08 and X09 codes
  • Report on any of the fields in your Covid-19 Dashboard


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