School Notices on your homepage

School notices can be used to create messages for your staff members within Arbor. These aren’t displayed on the Parent Portal or Student Portal if you also use these.

All school staff can see notices, but you'll need to have the School: General Admin: Administer permission to add, edit or delete notices, and access the School > Communications > Notices page.

School notices appear in the School Notices section of your homepage. If part of the message is cut off, you can click it to read the full notice.



You can also get to this page from School > Communications > Notices.



Add a notice

Click into a school notice to edit it, or click the green Create new notice button to add a new notice.



Enter in the notice information. The start and end times relate to when you want this notice to show on the homepage.



If the date and time is still ongoing, it will appear in the Current Notices section.

You can also set Future Notices by setting a start date for the future. The notice will then become current and active when the start date and time has passed.



When does a notice become archived?

Once the end date of the notice has passed, it will move to the Archived Notices section of the notices page, and no longer appear on the homepage. You can find archived notices in School > Communications > Notices.

In this example, this is when the notice is still active:



This is when 10:00 on 12th May (the end date) has passed.



Delete a notice

If you delete a notice it won't become archived and there will be no evidence it existed.

Go to School > Communications > Notices and click on the notice you wish to delete. Archived notices can not be deleted.

Click on the orange Edit button.



Click the red Delete button.



The notice is then completely removed from the notices page.


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