The Arbor Sidebar

The Sidebar in Arbor provides quick access to key areas in Arbor and is tailored to each user. You can click on the icons on the left side of the page to bring up important information, and this will be visible in any page on Arbor.

Sidebar functions


The Home icon will bring you to your Arbor homepage.


The Favourites icon brings up your favourites, providing a list of your favourited items for quicker navigation.


Notifications shows you important system updates such as communications sending failures, documents that are ready to download, and more.

My Calendar

The Calendar icon shows you any upcoming timetabled events.

Emergency Alert

The Emergency Alert icon sends an alert to the staff member who is on call.

Help & Learn with Arbor

The Help & Learn with Arbor icon provides links to the Arbor Help Centre, Arbor HQ, and the Training Hub that you can use to access additional resource to better use the MIS.

Sign Out

The Sign Out button will log you out of your school site.

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