Alerts on your homepage

Alerts are system notifications to let you know when important information has been added.

  • The most recent alert will show at the top.
  • You can dismiss the alert by clicking x. Once you have dismissed an alert, it will disappear from your Alerts list.
  • You can click into any item to be taken to the page where you can complete further actions, such as seeing the pinned note. 



Click the top of the section to see all your Alerts. Here you can dismiss them in bulk by selecting the alerts and clicking the Bulk actions button.



If you don’t have any Alerts, you’ll see this.




Can we turn off alerts?

Please see our guidance here: Can I turn off Alerts e.g birthday alerts?

Can we choose the alerts?

You can’t create your own alerts, or choose which alerts are sent because they are automatically generated.

What alerts are there?

Here you'll see:

Why don't I have any alerts - who do they show for?

You'll only see alerts for students if you are their:

Alerts will only show if there has been an event that would mean an alert should be sent, such as a new pinned note, or a birthday for one of your linked students today.

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