Query 2010Q

Please check: 10% or more pupils’ year group differing from their age


Arbor Solution:

This query flags because at least 10% of the students in the school are in a year group that is different to what would be expected based on their age.

You can review your Summary Inspection Report to see which students are enrolled in each year group.

You can also check the students enrolled in year groups from Students > Enrolments > Year Groups. Click into each year group to check the students enrolled.

  • If the students are enrolled incorrectly, you can amend their enrolment.
  • If the right students are enrolled, you'll need to submit a validation note to COLLECT explaining that this is the case. If 10% or more of your students are in a differing year group, there is no way to remove the query. You can see more information on how the out of age cohort flags here: Out of Age Group Cohort

Make sure to also check the Curriculum grade to make sure the right year has been selected.


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