Query 1010Q

Please check: 10% or more of pupils not in class at selected time

This query appears if you're a primary school and more than 10% of your students appear to be out of lessons at the selected time on census day.

Step 1 - Check if correct

  • If you're getting this query you need to check whether or not 10% of your pupils should be out of class at this time. If it's correct you can submit a note entry on COLLECT, saying: 'confirmed as correct'.
  • If it's not correct and you should have fewer than 10% of your students out of class at this time, you'll need to check their enrolments and calendars for census day.

Step 2 - Change the time

If students are not in class at the time of census, you can change the selected census time, go to the Classes section from the left-hand side of your census and click +Add. You can see the suggested times in The selected census time section of your Census Guide.

Step 3 - Pupil reconciliation

If you still have this query showing, please check your pupil reconciliation - go to the Pupil Reconciliation section from the left-hand side of your census. Click on the Reconciliation status.

Scroll down the slide-over that appears on the right until you see a list of students who are enrolled but not in class. Any students who are not scheduled into any classes at the time of the census will be flagged to you. Click on their name to resolve them.

  1. The student should not be on-roll and has been enrolled in the year incorrectly - follow these instructions to remove them.
  2. The student has been missed off from being enrolled in a class - follow these instructions to add the enrolment.
  3. You’ve added nursery students from a legally separate school to your site - follow these instructions to exclude them.
  4. Your school has not scheduled classes correctly for primary age students - you’ll need to make sure your timetable slots for your primary classes last the whole morning (until the start of lunch), and your afternoon session lasts the whole afternoon (until the end of the day) from School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots. Select the periods to edit, and use the Bulk action button to choose Edit Start and End Time.
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