Removing all attendance marks for a student

You may need to delete student's attendance marks if they have been accidentally enrolled in registers too early, were marked on registers on days after they had left the school or if they never attended your school and you need to delete their profile.

Please note: You should only ever delete a student who never actually attended your school . For example, if:

  • they never arrived and had attendance marks put in by mistake
  • there are duplicate profiles of existing students that you need to remove.

Please see the DfE's Children missing education (CME) guidelines for further information.

Step 1 - Delete their enrolments

Any attendance marks they have will need to be changed to redundant marks. You can do this by first removing all enrolments for this academic year. In my example, I will delete her enrolments from their student profile in the Enrolment section.



Click the enrolment into the school and click the Edit button.



Then click the Delete button.



Click Confirm Deletion to remove all her enrolments and change all her existing marks to redundant marks. 




Step 2 - Delete the redundant marks

Next, you'll need to delete any attendance marks that were input by mistake. Follow the instructions in this article: Remove redundant attendance marks

The student will now not have any marks recorded. 


Attendance has been removed but the profile won't delete?

If you have followed the above steps but still can't delete the student profile then it's likely there is historic attendance data that has transferred from your previous MIS.

It is important to note that the profile that has imported attendance marks should be the primary profile as it holds historic data so it is important you review duplicate profiles to ensure you are deleting the correct one. If you still need to delete the profile then you will need to enrol the student and then change their imported marks to 'X' codes as these can be deleted when you unenrol the student again.

Step 1 - Remove the student's leaving date

You'll need to go to the student profile and select Enrolment from the left-hand side. You'll then click on the School Enrolment.



On the slide-over, click Edit and on the next slide you will delete the leaving date and click Save Changes.


Step 2 - Change the imported marks to X codes

You will need to go to Students > Attendance and select Admin > Edit Imported Marks from the left-hand side of the page.

On this page, you'll need to edit the imported marks by clicking on the filters at the top of the page to select the date you require and a group of students that contains the student you want to change marks for.


Find the student in the list, and locate the mark you want to change. Click this mark and select the X code from the drop-down list. You can then repeat Step 1 - Deleting the student enrolment which will now remove the imported marks


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