Removing all attendance marks for a student

You may need to delete student's attendance marks if they have been accidentally enrolled in registers too early, or if they never attended your school and you need to delete their profile.

Please note: You should only ever delete a student who never actually attended your school eg. they never arrived and had attendance marks put in by mistake, or duplicate profiles of existing students that you need to remove.

Step 1 - Delete their enrolments

Any attendance marks they have will need to be changed to redundant marks. You can do this by first removing all enrolments for this academic year. In my example, I will delete her enrolments from their student profile in the Enrolment section.



Click the enrolment into the school and click the Edit button.



Then click the Delete button.



Click Confirm Deletion to remove all her enrolments and change all her existing marks to redundant marks. 



Step 2 - Delete the redundant marks

Next, use the left-hand menu to go to Attendance > Marks (By Date) > Redundant marks tab.

Select all the marks, then click the blue pencil icon to Delete Redundant Marks.



Confirm your deletion.



The student will now not have any marks recorded.



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