On-the-day Nursery query 2100Q (Spring Census only)

Schools need to include enrolment figures for full-time nursery students. Please note that these issues cannot be resolved until on or after Census Day.

Please check: More FT nursery pupils on roll than the number on nursery class records.


Resolving the query

Go to Students > Enrolment > Courses > Table View. Make sure that any classes that are for single year groups have a year group set.

  • If you have any classes that you can't assign a year to, these will be mixed-year group classes. If you have these, you will not be able to resolve this query, and will need to submit a validation note to COLLECT.
  • If you don't have any mixed year group classes, you'll need to either amend the students you've set as part-time, or change the numbers of Home Pupils logged for the class.



How to check the figures

You can check the students set as part time. Go to the Part-Time Students section from the left-hand menu of the census.

Calculate the number of students who are marked as No. You can do this by typing no in the Search box and seeing the total at the bottom of the table, or filtering the table.



To check the student class numbers, go to the Classes section from the left-hand menu of the census. Count up the total number of students marked as Home Pupils in your nursery classes.

The total number of students who are not set to part-time should be less than the total number of 'Home Pupils' for your Nursery classes.


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