Getting started with Arbor for Teachers

Logging in to Arbor as a staff member

Here's how to log into Arbor for the first time once you've been sent your login details. 

Introduction to the lesson dashboard

Great as a quick into for teachers, this video briefly covers what the lesson dashboard is, how to get there and how to use it, including how to take the meal register. See the video below for an even more in-depth look!

Using the lesson dashboard

If you're a teacher, this video is a much watch! It includes how to get to your lesson dashboard to take attendance, assign behaviour, send comms, manage your students, administer assignments and much more. 

Taking Attendance 

In this video, we'll look at how to find your register and the options you've got for taking attendance.

Inputting assessment marks as a Teacher

Here's how to get to the assessment marksheets linked to your classes and how to input marks.

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